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Tell me about you.

Hey You

by shutupge

Hey, you.

Stranger, foreigner, nameless self, character of unknowns.

I want to know about you: tell me your story.

Who are you?

Yeah, well, I've got no interest in your name.

It's not as insightful on person as you can imagine it to be. Not worth mentioning. You didn't chose it. And the person who did choose it didn't even know you yet.

Maybe they still even don't know you.

Your age?

That also, it can be left unsaid. Navigating the streams of life can be done in a vast diversity of rhythms. How much time you've had certainly doesn't tell me what you've done with it.

Tell me:

what you've seen. What you've heard. Touched. Tasted. Attempted. Achieved. Failed.

Tell me the depth of your fears and the height of your dreams.

What lingers on your mind when you lie awake at the oddest hours of the night.

Do you believe in anything at all?

Because I want to believe in you.

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