Boys will be boys
Boys will be boys lgbtq stories
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Boys will be boys

by shutupge

Not too long ago and surely not too far away,

People all around used to say:

"He has the kindest eyes! He has the fairest smiles!"

But he had a secret.

People often praised:

"He's so bright! So handsome! Something like the sun!"

He held his secret.

Though, some people might have went:

"He has no confidence or joy, the poor boy!"

He kept the secret.

She set it free.

They were caught unawares.

Today, people say:

"She has the kindest eyes! She has the fairest smiles!"

People always praise:

"She's so bright! So pretty! Something of a galaxy!"

Even, some people go:

"She has so much confidence and joy! She should've told us sooner she was no boy!"

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