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lilyykA million thoughts in a journal.
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You’re already pretty and perfect.

Pretty and Perfect

She’s so pretty, She’s so perfect.

I wish...

I wish I was tall,

I wish I was skinny,

I wish my nose was smaller,

I wish my lips were bigger,

I wish I had bigger breasts,

She’s so pretty, She’s so perfect.

There’s a way,

There’s a knife,

I can change my face,

I can change my body.

Doctor I want this, Doctor I want that.

Make me...

Make me taller,

Make me skinnier,

Make me have a smaller nose,

Make me have fuller lips,

Make me have bigger breasts.

She’s so pretty, She’s so perfect.


Now I’m taller,

Now I’m skinnier,

Now my nose is smaller,

Now my lips are fuller,

Now my breasts are bigger.

She’s so pretty, She’s so perfect.

I want...

I want green eyes.

I want long hair.

I want a bigger butt.

I want higher cheek bones.

I want longer eye lashes.

I want more.

And she’ll always want more.

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