Excerpt From my Current Fic

   Excerpt From my Current Fic destiel stories

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This is a small piece of my work, "Mundane." It's a Supernatural fanfic which is too long to put on here. It can be found at my writerscafe account, in my bio. The rest of the information + the story can be found there.

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Excerpt From my Current Fic

When I step into the kitchen, I see Dean leaning over a sizzling pan, his back to me. The aroma of bacon is everywhere now, filling up the room. It's kind of awesome, actually.

I look down and realize I'm still in my pajamas, simple black silk pajamas, but that's okay. I'm comfortable, and Sam and Dean never care, so I don't either.

Sometimes we'll all just have lazy days and lounge around in the clothes we slept in. Nothing too exciting really ever happens, but I do have something to show them this morning.

"Hey." I say loud enough for him to hear me over his cooking, and suddenly it turns into a yawn. Dean turns around, smiling and waving his spatula at me. He looks really proud of himself.

"The meat man is back, baby!" He shouts triumphantly. I don't know how to feel about the 'meat man' thing. I'm appalled but I admire it at the same time. I wonder where he came up with that name.

I let out a small laugh, but it kind of sounds forced, which wasn't my intention. Dean's funny, but I literally just woke up. I'm so tired I forgot I was even in pajamas.

Rubbing my eyes, I grab a seat at the counter. The cool, metal counter. I put my phone and my laptop onto the table, somehow slamming them down when I met to gently place them.

It's too early for this, I think. Actually, it's not. It's really not. What the hell is wrong with me.

"Dean, you don't understand just how hungry I am, swear to god. I was up all night in my room and didn't even think of coming out here to eat something.

" The yawning is out of control now, seriously.

"Oh yeah? And why were you up so late?"

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