A Not So Coming Out Story
A Not So Coming Out Story gay stories

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A Not So Coming Out Story

by lilyhamerling

Imagine the scene

Your lips are only inches away from the soft pink lips of the person you care about most in the world, and slowly the distance between you two becomes smaller until you're both lip locked

Now imagine you two are the same gender

and she isn't out she can't come out

Suddenly the door to her room flies open

and you are both forced apart by the hateful glare of her mother as she forces you to leave.

Again, she cant come out

She can't come out because her family would spit the word gay off their tongues as if it was poison to the straight line of a narrow mind that only knows hatred for who she is.

She's too scared to come out

because she would rather suffer in silence then free the black mold that see[s from her family's lungs with every hateful breath

And as I'm forced to watch I have to ask, what happened

What happened to this so called "accepting society"

That claimed to be here for us

and yet so many of us are forced to stay in the closet and face the crippling loneliness that sits heavy on our hearts because not even our families will accept us

And I ask again what happened

to the society that promised to protect us

Especially when

42% of LGBT+ youth live in unaccepting communities

85% of LGBT+ youth are harassed at school for being gay

30% of LGBT+ youth will have attempted suicide by the time they are 15

Well, what happened?

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