BNA: The Fanfiction Chp.1!
BNA: The Fanfiction Chp.1! bna stories
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BNA: The Fanfiction Chp.1!

Hey Guys!!!

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Also, VOL.3 of Pokemon refrain will have more of a story context for Go. I'm really excited!!!!!

Anyhoo... I hope you'll enjoy BNA:The Fanfiction!!!!


WRITTEN BY: @lilycrincat

ARTWORK: Studio Trigger


CREATED BY: Studio Trigger

DIRECTED BY: Yoh Yoshinari


It was two days after the fateful festival, Cathey Isobe walked home from school.

She had no parents, at least not any more..... they were both killed by the Silver Wolf Order cult.

She was all alone in this world. She was an Orphean. All she had of her mother and father was the memories of them framed in glass, in a photograph that was taken in a happier time...

but those days are long gone. In fact she was the only wolf beastmen in school. She lost her pack. She is and always will be a lone Wolf.

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