Suicide Attempt
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lilyann5973still alive
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This is nonfiction please take caution!

Suicide Attempt

by lilyann5973


im not a sunshine and rainbows writer this will be a brutal truth please be warned

the beginnings

it started as just thought to help escape the pain

then the plans

the plans began just before my fourteenth birthday

the actions before

i set everything up painstakingly carefully

everyone was asleep i locked myself in the bathroom and began the worst part

the instant

i began with cutting then i laid out the pills and swallowed them four at a time

right after

i sat in my bathtub crying thinking about my life and trying to go to sleep so that it could all just end

the talk

i sat there for awhile just talking to god hoping to end up in heaven but believing i belonged in hell

this is the end of part 1

part 2 will be my road to recovery and sort of just continue where i left off

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