running away

lilyann5973still alive
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running away


i live in the city

but wanted to escape

i was suffocating

with everyone just trying to say it was all right

but it wasn't

it may never be ALL right

they said they loved me

but... i saw differntly

running away

something i did, but wish i didnt

because now

everyone thinks something is wrong with me

when all i want

is to be normal

so now

i pretend everything is all right and stay where i am supposed to

in the city

where i am suffocating

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lilyann5973still alive
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lilyann5973still alive
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a year agoReply
@lilyann5973 amazing job on displaying the emotions you did well.

sebieraBooks, talking, frnds and history's life
a year agoReply
Your stories are very nice... I just want to try to run away, sometime....

SomewhereintimeBronze CommaI like cookies. Oh yeah and writing too.
a year agoReply
I've never actually ran away. But once when I was little I got lost, and it was terrifying. Even though I'll probably never run away, I do know what you mean about feeling like you're being suffocated.

a year agoReply
awww i love how you express the emotions

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
a year agoReply
i ran away when i was little...and i can say that this is pretty much exactly what i felt