They call her criminally insane. . ..  stories

lilyacostaNight falls again; Hunger kicks in.
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Can't stop thinking


still writing.

Criminally Insane. ... ., . . ,

Shouldn't have to be reprimanded, treated inferiorly, or labeled

It hurts most of my life,

Suffering excruciating pain

Being treated as I'm nonexistent

and put in a system Where I've felt I'm the problem

Well I want to live astray Delude myself

Not be a part of a misery or wound so deep Where feeling like having a clinical problem Excludes me from this world

Solitary, black, tears so many years

Making you feel like you don't matter

Well I do matter and will keep fighting

Maybe in the roads ahead, something beautiful lies ahead Maybe, I will find the peace I've always wanted All this suffering may for once in my life be for something good

For once, I get to be in my own space In peace and no more problems will exist

In the calmness of it all The world won't feel so empty

So will be strong and fight my own battle

If it means a moment where I finally get to be in peace.

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