Nights with you.
Nights with you.  stories

lilyacostaNight falls again; Hunger kicks in.
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^.^ sweet nights

Nights with you.

12:00 A.M. It's a Red light, when we are stopped in your car

You look at me with your blue eyes so pure yet devious

Feeling like a sexy panther, I smile

Oh gosh, conversation flowing nicely.. Feels I'm melting as you put your hand on my thigh, It keeps me warm Suddenly, feeling a tingle

Blushing trying to hold it all in

Turn up the groovy music Feeling a sensation crawl up my spine I'm trying to keep this feeling inside

"Keep your composure", I tell myself Yet I giggle like a goofy school girl

You pierce my soul As you look at me The roaring in your veins proves to be too much

We drink this grape wine till it's done with Then... Staring at eachother in awe Your mouth meets mine, Then I know this sensation won't fade.

Staring into the stars in amazement then at eachother, Thinking "what a great night"

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