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lilyacostaNight falls again; Hunger kicks in.
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When nobody else cares, you have to care for yourself.

Care about yourself

Beat beat beat Me down, so bad

Hate hate hate, It hurts thinking about it

You're nothing, stupid, ugly, worthless, will go nowhere .. Keeps pounding in my brain like a hammer All the things that have been said to me.

Why Me? I say

Why Me? I ask god.

Why me?! I scream with tears running down my face like waterfalls

Breathing and breathing

Close my eyes

Cover them with my arm

"Because you have to care for yourself" Some angel replied.

Get up, bathe, dry your tears, breathe

Don't fall when they want you to

Do anything, but please "GET UP"!

Punctured brain, lost soul, heart bleeding with hurt

But I still get up

And tell myself "be strong self"

Then instantly feel better.

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