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A secret box no one seems to want

Little black box

A little black box covered in chains

It is a Slot that gets filled

With written secrets of insecurities and of lip sealed

It's tipped open once or twice

Like when my love for her seemed greater then my life

Or when I felt a radiating light at 3 am with her on my mind And thought talking with her felt so right

It's changed me both times

BUT no one can seem reach the bottom

The fears of a little girl

Her tears

Her doubts

No one can seem to change it not even herself

For when she looks in the mirror she hears the names

For when she opens to speak it's in vain

When love is in reach she think she Is still incomplete

That little black box is something she can hide but it's stored inside her heart chained to her spine

Like a paper weight preventing her to take flight. That little girl and I we drown for that little black box pushing and lifting to make sure it dosent erupt.

Someday someone might find the key and look at our letters leaf by leaf to lighten our load

Or maybe one day we'll let it drop out of our heart . And fix the bones it's cracked and repair the scars.

For now she and I spend our time writting words, drawing signs of a little black box that's taken over our life.

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