Words Unsaid
Words Unsaid free verse stories

lillybeanhave a little fun, kid
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Tonight I seem to be lacking the courage it takes to hit the button that would send all the words we left unsaid.

Words Unsaid

Numb fingertips hover over the keys of a glowing screen, a beacon in the dark room, silent in the dead of night.

Numb fingertips, bloodied and bitten to the quick, brush along the familiar keys, unsure of what to say.

Unsure of how to say what must be said to you, unsure of how to put the message into words. Because things were left unsaid between you and I, things that must be said.

But tonight I seem to be lacking the focus to put those things we left unsaid into words, and the courage to hit the "send" button, that would finally deliver what needs to be said.

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