the angel
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lillybeanhave a little fun, kid
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she didn't see me on the pavement at her feet as she kissed her cigarette, and blew it into a halo around her head.

the angel

her auburn hair was like velvet,

it looked as soft as her rosy cheeks

her pale blue eyes were beacons of light in a dark sky

they shone like stars that night.

and all i wanted was to feel her full red lips on mine.

her love was like the smoke of my cigarette

thin grey

it curled through the air.

i wanted to breathe it in

to fill my lungs and body with it

i wanted to catch it in the palms of my hands

as if it were a sip of water from a stream

but like the smoke of my cigarette,

i could never quite grasp her love.

my fingers slipped through it

i struggled to clasp something as i fell for her

but there was nothing for me to grasp

before i hit the dark pavement at her feet.

she didn't see me on the ground as she kissed her cigarette

and blew the smoke into a halo around her head.

she looked like an angel

but in a different light this time

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