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lillybeanhave a little fun, kid
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you perceive what i write as nothing but nonsense,
but your mind is simply not chaotic enough to understand the feeling of the words.

chaotic minds

you perceive what i write as nothing but nonsense

a load of senseless words on a page

but it is not that

my mind is constantly chaos and so is my writing

it is lyrical like music

and the words don't have to make sense entirely, they just have to blend

into the rhythm

and the feeling i create.

they must flow

like a sweet musical river

on its way into the cool shimmery pool below the waterfall of emotion embedded in my words.

and that is where i shall lay my body

when the chaos spills from my flooded mind

in the form of pale lavender paint

thin like water color on the canvas

on which my writing will live,

where my words will breathe.

they just have to make someone feel something.


and in the minds of those who might understand my chaos

my words will live.

they will come to life in the form of thoughts

and memories

and feelings

in a chaotic mind like my own.

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