Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 1
Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 1 confessions stories

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Confessions of a Teenage Girl is a series of notes that a girl is writing to different boys that she's had feelings for in the past. This is the first note.

Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 1

by lillianquinn

so here i am.

sitting home alone.


i'm so sick and tired of being alone all the time.

it's nice, but sometimes i want someone to hold me.

i know i've told myself that i'm better off alone, but the truth is i'm not.

i guess i just tell myself that so i don't feel bad about the fact that i'm not anyone's first choice.

that i don't have anyone who will call me at 2am just to hear my voice.

that i won't get random texts throughout the day from someone telling me they love me.

i like someone, but they don't like me back.

and they have a girlfriend who's super nice and pretty.

but that's just the story of my life.

i fall too hard, too fast, and too easy.

i can't help who i fall for, and i can't choose when i fall for them.

i long for that affection so bad that i'll fall in love if someone holds a door for me.

it's funny, because i don't think we've ever said more than 5 minutes worth of words to each other, yet i get hurt when i see you hug your own girlfriend.

i can't help it, and it sucks.

but Cole, you'll never know how charming i think you are.

or how good it felt to hug you that night of amber's party.

i don't think i'll forget how you smiled right before you said my name and said goodbye.

it was pretty, like watching someone paint a picture.

i only say that because i think you're a work of art.

so anyway, i'm happy you're happy, i just wish you could've been happy with me.

- the girl who regrets not having a chance

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