Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 3
Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 3 school stories

lillianquinni write to release feelings
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Confessions of a Teenage Girl is a series of notes that a girl is writing to different boys that she's had feelings for in the past. This is the third note.

Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 3

by lillianquinn

you were funny.

you were cute.

you were outgoing.

you were everything i wanted, but not what i needed.

what was i?


i guess we both were, because i remember your birthday is in november.

a month after mine.

i remember you.

i remember how you treated me.

i remember that you were always nice to me.

i remember you would bother me all day, begging me to tell you who i liked.

i remember thinking how funny it was that the one who kept asking was who it was.

i remember being so nervous to tell you, because i didn't know what would happen after that.

i had never done that before.

i had never told anyone how i really felt about them like that, so i didn't know what to expect.

you would tell me these crazy stories that i loved listening to.

you were the main reason language arts was my favorite class.

every other day was my favorite because i had more than one class with you.

i looked forward to seeing you, and when you weren't at school i'd be disappointed.

for a while i even thought you liked me.

i was stupid and naive.

why would someone like you, be interested in someone like me?

once again it was a classic tale of me liking someone who likes someone else who liked them back.

i eventually told you of course, and you told me it was okay and that things wouldn't be weird between us.

i believed you Aiden, and for a while things were actually okay.

i thought that maybe it would be alright, and that for once in my life, things were going good.

and they were.

but then you started using it as some kind of leverage.

i didn't want anyone else to know, so you used that against me.

eventually, it got to the point where i decided to lie and say i was over you.

i obviously wasn't.

thinking about it now, i was overly dramatic because i wanted excitement and buzz in my completely boring life.

you were that buzz.

we had stopped talking for a while, but eventually we made up and you told me you weren't mad at me.

i can still picture that in my head.

i haven't spoken to you in a long time, but i'm happy for you.

i'm genuinely happy that your career is working out so well.

but most of all, i'm happy that i'm finally over you.

- the girl who's happy that you're happy

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