Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 2
Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 2 school stories
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lillianquinn i write to release feelings
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Confessions of a Teenage Girl is a series of notes that a girl is writing to different boys that she's had feelings for in the past. This is the second note.

Confessions of a Teenage Girl - 2

by lillianquinn

i should have told you.

i should have told you how i felt about you.

i would've, but i was scared.

scared of being rejected again.

scared that you wouldn't feel the same way about me that i felt about you.

you had a different girlfriend every other day it seemed, yet everyday you told me you loved me.

you would pick me up in front of your friends as they cheered you on.

you would hug me every chance you got.

in the halls, outside, before, during and after class.

i don't know what i thought, but i felt like if you had liked me back, you would've asked me out.

i gave you every opportunity to say something, but every time i thought you'd do it, you didn't.

i made it so easy.

i opened every door, but you just slammed them in my face.

then came the last day of school.

i remember that you were going to say something to me, but people kept interrupting you.

then when i finally got your attention again, you literally just ran away.

i followed you around and tried to get you to tell me what you were going to say, but you just blew me off and acted like it was nothing.

so in fear of annoying you, i stopped asking.

after that day, we didn't speak for the entire summer.

i looked for you Michael.

i tried to find someway to contact you, but i failed.

then the entire summer went by, and the next school year started.

i passed you in the hall, and you held out your arms for me but i just shook my head and kept walking.

i was secretly hoping you'd still be there when i got back inside, but you were gone.

you ignored me from that day on, even when i wished you wouldn't.

i guess that was partly my fault though, and for that, i'm so sorry.

- the girl who wishes she'd done more

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