The World Out of Reach
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The World Out of Reach

My Letter to You,Whom I Broke...

Hello! How are you? There is something I wish to tell you, and so this was sent to you. The truth about me and why we could never be. The truth about that day I left...

You don't, never have, and never will understand anything about me.... so stop trying to break down these walls I've built between you and I, was my thoughts of our first meeting.

I couldn't trust you. We were strangers and will always be...but I'm grateful you broke my walls back then. I was finally able to catch a glance of a normal life. So thank you...

But I ran from the old me, my old world to start anew. A new persona unlike any other. An unbreakable mask that I was certain would never crack much less shatter.

You never needed me, it was only I that needed you or so I thought. I ended things but I wanted it all to return to the way it was. Selfish of me, right?

Sure, think what you will. Even now I hope for the lost time to return....

I saw your pained expressions. The look of anger as you glared at me when we passed on the streets. I see traces of sadness and the hurt of betrayal but I can not be sure.

It pained me greatly and I wish you'd forgive my selfishness... I see now that I wanted too much out of this relationship...

I was hurried. I was desperate. And most of all I was out of time. I wanted to experience what any other person could have experienced in a normal life.

Thinking back on it I was very happy and content about our time together. I don't even know what I was rushing for. How pathetic of me... How unless I am...

So to you who was always there by my side, I want to express my thanks. Seeing you by the pure chance of fate was enough to satisfy me. If fate wills so, I hope we'd meet again someday...

This letter's getting a bit long so I should probably end it soon. Thank you for Everything....

It seems that this is Goodbye...

I wish you the best from now to forever more. Enjoy your life to the fullest since life's such a fragile thing. ^_^ Hooray to your new start!

Please Forgive me ... for being so unreasonable and I hope this letter was able to reach you in the best of shape.

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