The Invisible Girl
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liliwrites 20, bio/psyc student.
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Out of sight, out of mind.
Once she has left your vision,
she ceases to exist.

The Invisible Girl

Out of sight, out of mind.

Once she has left your vision,

she ceases to exist.

Memories of her fade quickly

as she was quiet

and otherwise unnoticeable.

She wasn't always this way.

What was once a kind,



and trusting individual

faded with every blow thrown at her

like an unprotected innocent wandering onto a battlefield.

Armour wasn't worn

as in the past

she never needed it.

But once the first blow hit her unexpecting chest,

the pain was not felt on the surface

but instead echoed far deeper into her heart's chambers.

As if the first blow wasn't enough

more and more came.

Sometimes disguised as an ally,

a hand would reach out for her

only to strike her with a venom coated blade.

This ongoing battle cloaked her in danger.

Anyone brave enough to come near

would suffer the consequences;

either by her enemies' hand,

or her own.

Trust faded quickly,

and happiness soon followed.

She sacrificed her values

to escape the onslaught of weaponry,

the blades of which had only become sharper over time.

With memories haunted by old wounds

and scars that would never heal,

she forged a new life

in a village far from home.

There lived kindness,


and trust.

And she lived;

No, she thrived.

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