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He purrs, “I enjoyed every second.”


There he was. That thing. The most repulsive creature to live. He deserves to suffer. He deserves pain.

He knows it, too. You can see it in his horrid face. He infuriates my hate. He knows it, too.

He hurts people. He laughs at their pain. He enjoys their suffering. He destroys their soul and degrades their body.

I stare daggers into his eyes. There’s no remorse or emotion in those holes in his head. I wish to see him die, slowly, painfully, just like he did to everyone else.

He hurt who I loved. He better start digging his grave. He sits, comfortable, gazing at the crowd. Warm in his seat, with his hands in his lap.

He looks at me. A growl rumbles in my chest, you could hear it in my throat. I yell,

“You deserve to rot in hell, you disgusting monster, for what you’ve done!”

His lip twitches to the side. A horrid smile stretches his face. He purrs,

“I enjoyed every second.”

...a sickening shriek rips through my throat.

Fury pumped through my veins, as I stretched out my hands, like claws, reaching for his throat.

Arms, bodies, push me back. He continues to sit there. Eyes bright, with amusement.

Finally, he howls with laughter. He yells with pleasure....

....I finally reach him...

He screams in pain.

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