lonely life of She

lonely life of She

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Her story

lonely life of She

She was kind and sweet to all she would meet

A helpful hand and a wonderful friend

She, shy at first, now grown and flourished.

She met a boy

She had a crush Couldn’t deny it as such She tried not to think of it much But her heart was touched

They talked Laughed And talked some more She was in love But didn’t have a name for it yet

He asked her to be his Of course She said yes Now She knew what it was She was in love

Months had passed They were happy at best An adventure each day They had no complaint

A single day within the year Caused her heart to break and tear.

She learned that the boy she loved was ill and nothing could be done. She wept and mourned, but only behind closed doors.

She laughed and smiled in front of her lover. She didn’t want it to feel like it was over. He saw through her schemes. But he let her be

Days had passed Unfortunately, so did he

She was broken She was lost She didn’t understand why he was gone

She has done nothing but be good to all in her life She is repaid with a her heart stabbed with a knife

She swore she can not love She swore she will not love She doesn’t know if she is capable of love She is sure she is not.

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