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lilith2343Community member
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Just something I thought about and came up with

Cold Hands

Meeting each other was a mistake. Sure it was fun at first, until everything spiraled into pain. An endless pit, but we chose not to look down. Oh, sweetie, how blind we were. How naive our hearts were.

To think love was all we needed to make everything better. Love was the very thing that got us into this mess. This mess of us chasing each other in an endless loop, pushing, pulling, until we collide.

I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, but you’ve taken a bigger chunk out of my heart, which you can never return. Your dragged a piece of me down with you, too bad I’m not actually there. You wouldn’t be happy about that.

I’ll never forget our kisses and hugs and gifts. I shall never remember the tears and fights and pain. Our first memories were dull and plain, but we blossomed and broke those chains.

I remember when our hands touched for the first time. Your hands were warm, skin was rough, but you were so gentle. You smiled as you noticed my cold hands. You always joked about my frozen fingers, but you promised to always warm them up.

A silly joke then, is a painful reminder now. Because now you’re gone. The last time I held your hands, a bittersweet smile twisted my lips. There I was holding your hands.

You’re cold hands...

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