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I saw her for the first time Standing in a room full of people.


I saw her for the first time

Standing in a room full of people, with her own bright presence

She had a book in her hand, and was searching for something in a room full of crowd

I saw her, and waved my hand, maybe because it was my first day too

We spent the rest of the time discussing about the beauty of the words written by John Green, and how we both hated cliche` romance, but still found fault in our stars making us cry

How we both liked lavender, and how the modern relationships are lacking in human connection

Her smile was the only thing that could make me smile during my toughest days

She likes chocolate more than strawberries for her ice cream,

She likes to listen to troye sivan, and likes fangirling over some stranger she saw in a convenience store

She is the most liveliest person, I have come across

Being with her makes me feel alive, and makes me feel more human

We walk that thin line between being best friends and soulmates everyday

And honestly, I want to walk on that as long as she wants

I never thought that I would ever find a soulmate, but if I do have one

Its HER. Only HER.

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