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lilith19Wiccan. Belgium. ❤❤❤📝📝📝
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Your just a reflection aren't you?

My reflection

Why does everything hurt so much?

Why do you hurt me?

It kills me when you act this way.

What did i do to make you this mad?

Do you see it when you look in the mirror?

Am i the reason that you changed to this person that i dont recognise?

What you've become is the opposite of who you were when i met you.

Do you hate me or do you hate yourself?

Did something happen?

You can tell me everything you know that right?

Do you still love me?

Or is it just hate you feel for me now?

What can i do to help you?

Do you need saving?

Or am i the one who needs to be saved?

You scare me when you act this way.

Do i need to be scared of you?

Do you think that you would hurt me?

But you are just a reflection of myself.

You are me in another universe.

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