Hell and heaven.
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Hell and heaven

Hell and heaven.

How do we know....

If we are going to hell or heaven.

Is there even a hell or heaven?

what if hell isn't so bad after all?

Is there bad and good?

Or is it just something in between?

Is heaven as promising as they say?

Or is it just a white space?

Is there something before hell and heaven.

Something like a waiting room.

Would it be worthy of being good all your life.

Or is it just a big disappointment?

Doesn't everybody do something bad?

If you pray does he listen?

Aren't hell and heaven just an utopia?

Don't they just tell us about hell to make us be good?

Isn't it natural to make mistakes and to be a bit wicked?

Nobody is perfect so why do they push us to be that?

Hell can't be that bad.

And what if they are just another version of this world.

These are questions that can't be answered.

Thats what they tell us.

But what if they just temper with the truth.

What if they know whats there but don't tell us so we stay in line?

Don't live your life for whats maybe there.

Live your life for whats here

Make our world your heaven.

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