Devils lake.
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New short story hope you like it.

Devils lake.

'Doctor Orlando she finally wants to talk.' 'After 10 years she wants to talk? Are you sure?', he said. 'I know its weird but i think she got sick of not talking.', replied doctor Johnson.

There i was in room 265 in the mental institution in Dunn. With no shoes, a long white dress, messed up hair and short bitten nails. 'Lili you wanted to talk to us.' Said doctor Johnson on a motherly warm tone. She did that often i think she did it so i would start to talk.

'Start from the beginning Lili.' 'Okay.', my voice was horrible because i didn't say a word for 10 years.

Alex, Dylan, Jacky, Thomas and me where on a camping trip in Wisconsin by the beautiful devils lake. There were three other campers pretty cool dudes. Tom is a engineer in Dodge and his son Kevin is as old as us but pretty shy. David is a bit older and lives in Dunn.

We we're all swimming in the lake and we had so much fun. After a while we went back and the guys started a fire. Jacky and i went for a little walk cause it started to get dark. But then we heard something and Jacky started to freak out, i tried do calm her by saying that it were probably the guys trying to scare us.

We called out to the person that scared us and immediately he ran away. When we were back at the camp we asked the guys if it was one of them but they said it was probably a deer.

Couple hours went by and we were sitting around the fire. I felt a presents by us. 'Guys i have the feeling someone is watching us.' 'You're just getting paranoid. Let's do a round of scary stories.', Dylan said. Everyone told his story and it was my time now.

'Do you know that a group of teenagers where murdered here' 'you're making this up?', asked Alex. 'No, i will look the article up.', i said as i took my phone to search for the article. 'Here in 1971 a group of teenagers where murdered by a sycophantic man he ripped there skins of and ate them.

'The man died 5 years ago of infections he ripped his own nose and fingers of and ate them.'. 'Please stop we just ate.', said Dylan who turned green. There was a long silence after that.

'You can stop now sweetheart.', said docter Johnson. 'You sure what if she stops talking to us?', replied doctor Orlando. 'Look at her she hasn't stop crying. I will make sure that you'll get some food Lili.', she said. 'Come on Katrine we can get more out of her.' 'Dont question me Elaija she is still my patient.' She was angry and walked out the room.

Next morning the docters came back. 'Hey sweety how are you?' Asked doctor Johnson. 'Okay i guess.' I replied. 'You still want to talk about what happened?' 'Yes.' 'Thats good you were...' before she could finish her sentence i started to talk.

After that long silence everybody went to there tents. We al had closed our eyes. Than we heard a sharp metal object scrape against the car that stood a couple of feet further. We al jumped out the tents and looked in the direction of the car.

But nobody was there we looked confused at each other. A second later we heard a psychotic laugh a 10 feet behind us. 'What the hell?', said Thomas. 'Maybe it are the others trying to scare us?'. 'Lets go see.', suggested Dylan. We walked to the other tents and called them out.

We explained what had happened but no one knew about anything. 'Heard the laugh to.', said Kevin who had trouble speaking. 'Why dont we go look for the guy?', said Tom. 'You guys never watch Horor movies. You never walk into the dark to go look for someone who might be dangerous.' Replied Jacky irritated.

After 10 minutes arguing we decided to go look. Than 30 minutes of walking into the dark with a bit of light from 2 flashlights. Then we reliced that ther was only 2 of us we lost everyone. Alex and i where looking everywhere. Than we heard a loud scream a scream of pain. We started screaming to the others in the hope someone heard us. It worked Kevin and Tom used ther voice to guide us to them.

'What happened why did you guys break of?', I asked. 'I dont know we just lost you guys.', said Tom. We started to follow the stars and not long after that we found Dylan. 'What ....', before i could finish i saw his hands they where covered in blood. 'We where running and before we knew.... he was snatch from.... us and when i was alone. I tried to find someone but the i .... dead.', he said with a broken voice.

'Who is dead? Who's blood is that dyl?', Alex started to shiver. Then i saw something i started to walk to it and Dylan tried to stop me. It was Thomas with his skin ripped off his body. I collapsed i wanted to scream but my voice was gone. Everybody who where here gathered around me.

We stood there with tears in our eyes. 'DYLAN? LILI? ALEX?', i recognized the voice it was David. We tried to tel him to stay put but he already got here he saw the same. Than we ran to find Jacky we screamed her name over and over again. I heard her voice in the distance. 'Guys there.', i turned around and i found myself alone. There was only one option for me to run to Jacky.

'Lili im so glad im not alone anymore.', she said while she hugged me. 'Jacky Thomas is dead we found him.', she cried and cried when i told her. There it was again the laugh of the sick man. We ran as fast as we could and even found the guys. Than i fell nobody saw it because i was far behind. He grabbed my ankle and pulled me back.

'I like you I'll let you live but i cant have you warning people so goodnight.', he said with a giggle. I woke up and it was morning not knowing where i was. I tried to look for the others i found 3 of them Kevin, Dylan and Jacky they ended up the same as Thomas.

I wandered in the forest for half a year surviving on animals and water from a river. Finally i found the camp again nobody was there except David. 'Ooh Lili i thought you would have died of starvation.', he said with a sickening smile. 'You? You did this?', i replied with a broken voices. 'Suprise sweetheart! Well know you know i cant let you live cant i?'

'I wont tell enything please let me live.', i fell down my knees and started crying. 'Oooh sweety. Okay I'll let you live but on my terms.'. Then he drove me to this mental institution.

'Oooh Lili im so sorry for that. Why did you decide to tell us now?' Doctor Johnson said it again on a motherly tone. 'I just wanted somebody to know.' I said while i was still crying. 'Thank you Lili for telling us.' Said doctor Orlando while standing up and leaving the room. Katrine followed him.

'Doctor Johnson wait.', i said. She turned around and i hugged her. What she didn't know was that i put something in her pocket. Three days has gone by and there he was in my room.

'Hello David how you've been?', i asked. 'You've been a naughty girl Lili.', he said angry. 'Ooh sweety don't be so mad. What are you going to do? Kill me?', i said with a laugh. In the meanwhile doctor Johnson found the note and ran as fast as she could to room 265. The door slamed open.

' Doctor Orlando get away from her.'

The end. Hoped you all liked it.

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