What Social Media Marketing SHOULD Be About
What Social Media Marketing SHOULD Be About stories

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What Social Media Marketing SHOULD Be About

by lilianchen

How is someone "good" at social media marketing?

Employers want NUMBERS: follower gains, likes, retweets, comments, shares... the list goes on. But this metrics-driven mindset is far from enough to measure performance.

Social media marketing is NOT just about numbers.

It's about building a strong brand image. It's about making highly personal interactions. It's about listening to what people have to say. It's about the connection you make with your audience.

But how do you measure that?

You can't, at least not easily. You can't tell how people's perception of your brand changed based on how many likes you get. While you can read the comments, it's hard to present them to others.

Why social media is different from other forms of marketing

Because social media is INTERACTIVE. No traditional form of marketing has provided customers such a loud voice and enabled businesses to reach out to them.

So what?

Measure your social media performance QUALITATIVELY, not just quantitatively. Write down what people say about you and strategize how you interact with them. They deserve your attention.

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