10 Amazing Tools I Discovered from Startup Companies
10 Amazing Tools I Discovered from Startup Companies apps stories
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Here are some really cool tools that I use at work and for fun, and you probably haven't heard of most of them. Check them out and share your favorites with me!

10 Amazing Tools I Discovered from Startup Companies

Seriously, startups know the coolest extensions, websites, and apps out there.

1. For team communication: Slack

A real-time messaging, archiving and search app for modern teams. Do you even startup if you don't Slack?

2. For stalking whomever you want to email: lusha

Lusha is a chrome extension that pulls up anyone's email and phone number when you look up that person's LinkedIn profile. Scary, but definitely useful.

3. For creating online surveys: Vizir

I quit Google Forms completely after I discovered this. It's beautiful and easy to use, and has a lot of cool options for the type of questions you can ask. Seriously, get on it.

4. For getting followers: Crowdfire

Allows you to target specific users on social media to follow, and shows you people who (ugh) did not follow you back.

5. For fun reads: GrowthHackers

A good place where people share their experiences on their businesses and provide tips. Treat it like news and read it regularly; it's a good way to learn!

6. For scheduling posts: Buffer

I worked for a company that didn't use any scheduling app, and it was tedious! Why would you draft posts separately throughout the day when you can get it all done in five minutes? Save yourself.

7. For on-fleek posts: Canva

This is the one of the easiest way to create a beautiful social media post without knowing how to photoshop. They have cool stickers and beautiful text fonts you can add to your pictures.

8. For creating gifs: Gifs.com

Type in any YouTube, Instagram, or vine URL, and voila! Crop it and get your gif. Life-changing, and you have no idea how addicting it is turning everything into gifs.

9. For always being there: Talkus

Literally always be there for your clients by connecting Talkus into your Slack. When someone visits your site and chats the online representative, you can respond immediately on slack. Woah.

9. For building a website: Jimdo

Super easy to use and definitely very cheap. I personally think even Square Space is a little hard to use, and this one is just perfect.

10. For extra motivation: Humblebot

This Slack extension sends you encouraging words every morning. You know you can count on it when you have no friends. Thanks, technology.

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