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This is a story about the ups and downs about a hunters life. The struggles of being a hunter are to the max in his story. BTW i suck at writing, and I do ship DESTIEL.

Dean Winchester´s Story

My name is Dean Winchester. I have a younger brother Sam, he is four years younger than me. My life is very complicated. You probably won’t understand this, but when I was 4 my mother died. Then God’s sister, Amara brought my mom back to life when I 36 years old. My father died when I was 27. He died to save me. Why dad?

I had many close family members and friends die. I knew a guy named bobby he was like a father to me. We were trying to get away from some monsters (leviathans) but… we were too ¨slow¨ and bobby was shot in the head. We took him to the hospital we… we watched him die! It still hurts me to think about it.

I have a close friend Cas. Cas is short for Castiel, he is an angel we met years ago. He’s a very close friend he’s like a brother to me and Sam. Jack is a nephilim (an angel and a human child) his father is Lucifer, but he’s nothing like his father.

He is like his mother Kelly kline. He is very determined and does everything he can to be good. I may have misjudged him at first but he is a really good person. He is part of our family.

I worry much for my family. I’ve watched so many people die! It hurts. I wish my family could be safe forever, and if anyone dies for it to be me. I have saved many people, but just about half of them end up dead at some point due to monsters.

I try my best to save this world from the dangers I’ve faced, I really do. There are a few people like us in this world, we are hunters. The thing is, we are different from other hunters. We have been face to face with the King of Hell, Lucifer, and even God himself.

Me and Sam have been through a lot. We were raised into hunting, fighting Monsters, Demons, ECT. We have gotten out of hunting a few times but not for long. I wish we have gotten out for good.

Three or so years ago we met God. I thought he would make this world free of monsters or something, but I was wrong. I mean he did help save the world but he didn’t make it free of monsters you know actually help the world. We haven't heard from him since, not even the angels have heard anything from him.

I would do anything for Sam. I would die for him (again) if I had to. He is very intelligent, strong, and smart. I could never wish for a better brother. I remember a time when sam was six it was halloween, I was Superman and he was Batman. I had first jumped off the shed, then Sam did then he broke his arm.

I had to take him to the hospital an my handlebars of my bike (everyone knows Batman can’t fly, right). I miss those days.

Sam has grown up to be a great man, I’m sure Dad would be proud of him. Me well… I try to be an good older brother and to protect Sam. It doesn’t always work out.

Mom is still getting used to our world now today, but it may take a while. When she first came back she thought I was 4 and Sam was still a baby. When she died she went to heaven and when you go to heaven you are in a magical world where nothing bad ever happens and you are happy forever. Me and Sam have been to heaven.

We had to find our way out. We did have some help at one point , but other than that we worked it on our own. I miss my dad even though I don’t say it. I know Sam and mom miss him too. All hunters loose family. That’s one of the main reasons why hunters become hunters, that’s how my dad became a hunter.

My mother died and that changed him a lot. At first all I knew about my mom’s death was that it wasn’t normal. Then, I went back in time, (angels, if you know what I mean) when my mom and dad were only dating for about a year.

Apparently my mom grew up in a family full of hunters and Azazel (the demon that killed my mom) killed her parents and my dad, so she made a deal to save him. So in ten years he killed her.

My dad didn’t know about monsters until mom died. When I was about eight or nine he would take me and Sam to a hotel and leave for about a week (hunting). We would then go to the school in that area. When he came back he would look for another case and we would leave, and that would continue over and over again.

I mean I tried to keep Sam safe all those years but sometimes things didn’t work out that well. It was hard for him, moving all the time, trying to fit in, well he did get all A’s on everything he worked on and beat up bullies a couple times, but what does that matter. The sad part is that every kid in school said that their dad took them to baseball games, played baseball with them, and our dad didn’t, EVER!

Did you know that there were books about us? For awhile I didn’t. Then I found out years ago, everything about us, in a book?!? I mean we were somewhat famous but the FANGIRLS!!!! NO NO! NO!! THE WORST! WORST! WORST! WORST! Sorry about that…...I just hate...F-A-N-G-I-R-L-S.

Never mind. My life is screwed up let's just say that. I don’t really know how to end this so I guess just THE END!

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