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Why? By: Breanna Thamm


By: Breanna Thamm

Is there enough time to really keep track of events?

Or do the events just come within that time period

What if everything was a coincidence?

And everything that has happened was someone’s destiny

Or that fate and destiny go hand in hand like putty in our hands

Why does time always slips away from us like

Water dripping down our skin

While our problems weigh on our shoulders

Why do we age when we are given very little time?

Why do we die as we age?

Why can’t we live on forever

Without fear

But instead we live and die with our fears and worries

While we drown in the stress of the bay of

Our everyday living nightmares

So why do we drown?

Why don’t we swim

And make it to the shores

Of our everyday living paradise

And live in our dreams

Instead of drowning

In the broken ones

So can we be saved after drowning to our deaths?


We can’t

Unless we swim to the shores

Of our everyday paradise dreams

If we don’t swim

We will never make our true mark on the world

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