what makes us human

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a poem about humanity

what makes us human

guess i’m not really that neurotypical, and no, i don’t really look too mystical.

don’t have that wide-eyed smile, the fictional girl-band geek charm and guile.

i might be a bit of a wannabe rocker; well, i guess that ain’t too much of a shocker.

i’m no goth girl, i deal with rhymes and the devil, i’m not a fairytale princess, i’m just a rebel.

i ain’t a motorcycle-helmet cherry-lipped badass, all i have is a little bit of sass.

maybe we’re all a tiny bit fake, a little bit selfish and wanting to take.

but it’s not perfection that makes us human, i guess: nor flawlessness or impeccability; it’s the entropy and mess.

so sue me for wanting validation; maybe you’ll tell me i’m just seeking attention…

but i think that’s just a part of the human condition.

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