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TRIGGER WARNING: violence, death

held up

sometimes i dream of kissing him,

as if he could save me from this place.

that his featherlight touch against my lips

would do anything but rip me away,

from this world, as if i'd be held up,

and safe, [safer].

sometimes i dream of feeling his touch

against my forehead, a cool caress

speaking freedom, he whispers to me

and i listen, i listen.

he isn't even mine, never was.

i do not even know how i would have held him,

or how he would have felt, touching my throat

or the taste of him.

i do not even know what they would think

when they found us later,

and tried to rip us apart.

but they could never pull us away from each other,

for we would be one,

the bullet & I,

the gun and me.

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