lilacUSC SCA 2018
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by lilac

I wish I could scrub my soul and tongue clean

Every infectious thought and longing and worry



Glowing and growing this malignancy

A toxic human being

The simplest way to put it

Your life is your people...

A person who makes me feel terrible A person who makes me feel deluded A person who makes me feel helpless

I wish

I wish I could say saying this is a waste of time without sa

Without saying this is a waste of time.

I love myself more...

I'm lying in the grass

I really do love lying in the grass

The air is nice.

It is nice

Soft... Soothing... Gentle

Relax, it's okay... Take your time...

I think I feel disappointed and angry

I wish I had different words.

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Love this!!

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interesting story!!