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lil_miss_millieCommunity member
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Where I am

I think I took a wrong turn A little while ago. Actually, I’m sure I did, It’s just where that I don’t know.

I close my eyes, retrace my steps Brows furrowed with concern And as I do it comes to me It wasn’t one wrong turn

If it were one I would’ve found I’d drifted back in line Instead I made the same mistake Each and every time.

I’ve wandered far from where I thought that I would be by now But even so I carry on this path, I don’t know how To read a map, I never learnt I don’t know where else to go

I hate this road, it’s twists and turns Its uneven, tripping face I hate the end it takes me to And yet I freeze in place

The tangles that I’d have to meet To leave this beaten track This track that’s safe, though bittersweet Requires all I lack

I’ll need the courage that I left a hundred miles away I’ll need the faith, belief in me, those things that wouldn’t stay

I know I’m not equipped for this I’m not sure if I’m strong But still I’ll take this tiny step And try to right my wrongs

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