Things that haunt me
Things that haunt me stories

lil_miss_millieCommunity member
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What are you haunted by?

Things that haunt me

The monster in the wardrobe The one under the bed Witches in the nighttime And wailing, blank undead

I’ve lost myself within this maze A hundred thousand times I wander through this darkened path To hide from all my crimes

To hide away from what I am, My selfish, evil mind The things I’ve done that I can’t stand I know I’ve been unkind

I’m tired but I cannot sleep Distraught, but I can’t cry I scream but I can’t make a sound I’m dead but I can’t die

My angel in the darkness Escape that’s always there A soft and gentle poison That lifts away my care

A dark and seething burden That burns with just a touch And yet leaves not a trace to see Of pain that’s felt so much

I wish so much I could escape Leave burden with a prayer But your heart would take up the yoke And that I cannot bear

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