Half stories

lil_miss_millieCommunity member
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I’m only half a girl, With only half a life, No more than half a smile, Though I’ve not seen it in a while

Broken forks and dusty plates Forgotten tears, forgotten smiles An empty room, a messy car A bed that’s left unmade

Half a glass of water A meal that’s half untouched Half a pound Half a thrill A half closer to success

A steady job and decent wage Forgotten hopes and dreams An all-consuming passion Too much for half-frayed seams

Half a pound and half a smile Halfway to halfway there Half trying Half dying Halfway to nowhere

A rusty sink, an empty fridge And cupboards fit to burst Broken pipes and blocked-up drains Ten messages: ‘unread’

I’m only half a girl Half a dream and half a life Half of me is all I was, And half has got a knife

I’m half a step from making it, And half a breath from not Half a hope Half a wish Half of half of...what? Where’s my halfway house? Which half of me will win? Half sure, half not, half given up This next half will begin

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