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lil_miss_millieCommunity member
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Laughter is the best medicine

Come laugh with me

Come laugh at my life, Come laugh with me, please

We’ll laugh at the child who wanted earrings

And got instead a trip to hospital, with pearls stuck in her ear canals

We’ll laugh at the girl who sent two valentines cards, But gave to each boy, the card meant for the other

We’ll laugh at the teen who ran face first at a door, And was left with black eyes for a week (well, maybe four)

And then, wait for it, We’ll laugh till it hurts, until our sides split

At the young woman I am, At the mess of my life

At my endless refusal to eat any food

Only to cave, in secret, at night, And eat until I can’t eat an ounce more

And then expel my awful shame, Down the toilet, again and again

Come laugh at my life, Come laugh with me, please

If we don’t laugh, I’ll cry

And I don’t know

If I

Have the strength

To survive

Those tears

Come laugh with me

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