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Life as a woman

Being female

A shout A beep A whistle A hand, just grazing past your thigh.

The builders at work, The boys on the train, The husband with kids, The boss, his breath skimming over you cheek

Your short dress with sparkles, Your blouse and skirt-suit, Your old jeans and hoody, Your grey work-out gear.

These are the things that young girls learn to fear, These are the things that encroach on our space, “Smile love, no guy wants ‘is bird, Wi’ that look on ‘er face”

Wait, before you stop reading and leave in a strop; “Not all men” Will you please just let that phrase drop? Because no, not all men, Not by such a long shot

And anyway, I’m not talking of you, You’re witty and charming, a kind gentle man You’re never the one who’d go for a grope On a crowded train carriage where she hasn’t a hope Of escape. But he’s there

A compliment is all you’ll ever give Unsolicited And women so love to be told that they’re pretty, That their body made a larger, stronger human look And want

And you wouldn’t ever follow her home, It’s not once crossed your mind, But it’s clawing at hers Insidious fear

You see, your compliment, Though well-intentioned it is Falls on the heap, that goes right to her core, Of every time before A man’s wanted more

So no, not all men, not by a long shot, But keep framed in your mind, Before you jump in, Our backdrop’s not yours, Our windows are cracked, And bleary and smeared with every “me too”

Not all men

Not all men But all women

all women

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