What is your fire derived from?
Your Fire needing saving stories

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Your shield to keep the fire from going out

What is your fire derived from?

Your Fire

is it the feeling of the heart wrenching depression,

crushing your spirits,

that kills you inside?

or the sound of your parents who used to tell you that you disgust them,

that made you feel worthless?

It it The voices echoing through your mind

unwilling to stop,

telling you the most horrible things to do to yourself.

Is it the thought that clouds your mind,

that you wish you were different.

Is it the nightmares of the worst happening,

that keep you wide awake at 3 AM, giving you paranoia?

What keeps you blood pumping through your veins?

That allows you to breathe without the suffocating feeling of anxiety.

What makes the pain bearable, so you can keep going?

Is it the peaceful sunset that just excites your numb heart.

Or the adrenaline of something dangerous,

keeping you on your toes.

Or coming home to the most beautiful girl in the world.

Finding happiness in telling her how beautiful she is.

Holding her hand anytime you're hands are free.

Is it the headphones blasting in your ears,

that keeps you from crossing the line to insanity.

Is it the books of other worlds, that keep your mind occupied,

from the painful things people say,

What is Your Fire?

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