What happens when I'm toasted
What happens when I'm toasted toasted life stories

lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
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toasted moments :,P

What happens when I'm toasted

salt is just angry sugar.

a freezer is just a domesticated winter.

a microwave is just a miniature oven.

a grill is just a portable propane oven

a zebra is just a striped free horse

what if were living in the matrix rn?

is water wet, because, if we interpret it as wet then, is it dry.

lava, is it wet, because it is a rock, its liquid?

berry bushes., are just bushier, shorter trees, with smaller food.

a boat is just a floating car on water.

if words are made up, is it really true. because mankind created it?

a blender is just a domesticated electric knife.

a lightbulb is just a domesticated sun.

what if we communicated with numbers, and counted with letters?

a chainsaw is just an electrical axe

what if creatures were ever able to live on the sun?

what if aliens are the real humans, and "Humans" stole the planet earth from the "Aliens"

a donkey is just a short mean horse.

houses are just wooden teepees

*OMFG These are so weird, but I'm gonna post it*

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