to all commafulians,
to all commafulians, commaful stories

lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
Autoplay OFF   •   17 days ago
commaful stuff bc im randum XD

to all commafulians,

so I went to go take a shower yesterday, and I put on a transgender euphoria playlist .so this song is for my FTM transgenders or anyone who just likes music.

now this song is particularly funny as its called

"tranny got pack by Athens boy choir. I think it's self-explanatory and if ur confused don't look it up. just ask,

also for anyone who needs someone to talk to, I'm here. I'm thinking about putting some of my socials, bc I am a social being lol.

whether you just need a friend or someone to vent to, or someone who needs tips for FTM or being gay idk lol. or even writing tips or wanting me to read someone's story I love doing that.

your guys work is amazing :)

have a great day my homies :)

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