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lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
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Swim prompt for tomorrow showcase. Poem


I know, my love. the world around us has us drowning in our pain. Drowning In misery the world reigns down upon us. The world is choking us with its relentless hate.

My dear, we just got to swim. The world is killing us. But we got to swim. We have to keep breathing. I know, choking on the raging ocean waves, hurts, and she's sucking the life out of us.

Just take my hand, and we'll wade through the deep waters. We can be each other's lifeboats. I'll be there with you.

We can struggle together through the groping monsters hidden below the surface. Believe in yourself, my love. I'll hold your hand through the storms that are meant to destroy us.

We just got to swim. Keep going. We'll kick our legs until we can't feel anything, but we'll never sink. We're two strong boulders, that will be unbreakable together.

we'll deflect the haters like titanium shields. We will swim through the reaper's cry to take us. He won't take us without one hell of a battle. Because we're still swimming

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