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lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
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a love poem for idk who

Like A rose

She caught my eye,

Like I'm caught in you web.

Her eyes are like a blue sky.

With wispy clouds.

She stuns me.

Like a spell.

She is like a rose,

beautiful, elegant, mesmerizing.

I want to touch.

I want to hold her.

A barrier of thorns surround her heart.

She keeps distant

Not wanting me to get too close

I just want to lift her up.

To make her feel wanted, loved.

And accepted for who she is.

all of her flaws.

Her agony and anger.

I want her cringe moments.

I want to hold her hand.

And tell her I love her.

as she is the sun in my sky.

I want her thorns.

I want the cuts from her thorns.

I want the pain she leaves upon my heart.

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