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lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
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Poem about gate being a mask. *trigger warning* possibly

Gated Mask

This gate is like my shield. A picketed gate, showing a happy exterior. But behind this beautiful fence. Is a darkness, oh so vast. It conceals the pain of past mistakes.

my veil of shadows, covers my youth nightmares. It hides every night I shed my tears of sadness, until I have fallen asleep. This gate, doesn't allow the world to see me, for the truth.

I have been shattered. Shattered like glass. Behind this gate, I am trying to put the shards of myself back together, in return, I am getting cut in the process.

Behind this gate, is a contagious hopelessness. It distances me from everyone. The shadows of my past, disguise my eternal loneliness.

This gate hides, how much I truly just want someone to want me. How I want someone to tell me they love me, and that they want me in this world. Yet, I am still behind this fence.

No one has come to try to break down this gate, because I am trapped in my agony. So I rest here, behind this Gated Mask.

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