Fortuitously Simping
Fortuitously Simping love poem stories

lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
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Fortuitously simping for you

Fortuitously Simping

It was Fortuitous, I stumbled across your path. I couldn't see your face under the mask, but your eyes were so alluring. In the beginning, I promised I wouldn't be enchanted by anyone's beauty.

I would fall under the spell of love. But Damn it, You were so breathtaking. I was spellbound to you. I said i wouldn't get addicted. Like you were a drug.

The way you said my name, ignited fiery embers of love in me. Not sure what the hell you did. but I am weak to your touch. Weak when you say my name. How the hell did I get here.

You are so beautiful to me. And i feel that I cannot break the spell you have on me. Everything about you is perfect. The way your hair looks, because it looks good messy.

Your smile, is so flawless. Everything about you is so fucking incredible, and there is not a damn thing I want to change about you. If I could, I would spend all my hours, worshipping you.

There is nothing i'd rather do than be with you. Even though I sound like a huge ass simp. I only simp for you.

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