Endless Agony
Endless Agony poetry stories
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lil_frooty_king All hail the Short King
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Endless Agony

I sit here and take the hate and hostility

not by choice,

because your words are like knives in the heart

making me feel worthless.

no way to escape.

because you made me.

You pushed me down when I felt happy.

saying the things that hurt the worst.

telling me everything is my fault

that I'm the one ripping this family apart

with my depression

and my feelings

when I am in your presence,

you make me feel like I deserve this endless agony.

making me crumble at the slightest word of discouragement

I promised myself I wouldn't cry when you said these things

but, feelings become bigger than the hurt,

and I break,

under the pressure of your hostility.

will this ever end?

maybe if I can survive.

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