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I don’t know why I am even writing this. This is a story about how I was a perfect boyfriend. For the sake of the story lets call the boy T and the girl N. I tried to fit my entire 3 years of my life in a story. I left a lot of things, I know I did because I ran away from these memories hoping that one day I would forget that N existed.

The perfect boyfriend

I don’t know why I am even writing this. This is a story about how I was a perfect boyfriend. For the sake of the story lets call the boy T and the girl N.

I tried to fit my entire 3 years of my life in a story. I left a lot of things, I know I did because I ran away from these memories hoping that one day I would forget that N existed.

I am going to try my best to put the story in chronological order Now. let’s go back to the start.

It was almost the ending of 9th grade for my ultimate good behaviour I was asked to go the chess room forever during activity (Game Period).

Like any good student I bunked every single class, the head of sports department lost hope on me and my friend(L). One day my friend was absent.

Like one the very few people who existence I dint mind. I hated people felt pleased when I hurt them. Basically, I was sadistic, a liar who would do anything to get what I want and selfish.

To add to this there were drugs and alcohol involved. Let’s go on now, so that day when I was alone I saw N and her friend.

I called them, I tried to play chess with her, till date I swear she doesn’t know how to play the f***ing game. It was the cutest thing on earth she moved any piece however she wanted too.

The day got over and not knowing after a few months she would have meant the world to me. She was 2 years younger to me.

N was a girl that had 1st world problems, her world was always falling apart for the world’s most f*** all reasons.

She was one of the dumbest person I have ever meet yet she used to get around 90% in exams, that logic till date baffles me.

Once she asked me if Kerala was in Karnataka (it was one of the cutest thing like one of those moments that had to witnessed in person).

She was always straight forward and just told people what he felt. Moving on she had hair so perfect she did not know and always kept crying about how bad it was.

She was thin I mean like almost looked anorexic and never used to eat. Yet she looked perfect like an angel. Her eyes were pitch black exactly like her hair and my heart.

She had a tiny mole near her lips which is mostly covers and very hard to see. Many told me love was blind but when I saw her, she blew my mind.

Her cheeks were the softest and cutest thing which I loved that most about her.

Her glasses only made her look cuter and sexy like one those sophisticated but she was one of those typically rich girl and simple to read.

10th grade started, I started to talk to N’s friend only to realise now that they hated each other. So, I had to find a way to bring them back together because they were close friends.

Shit happened some messed-up things which I don’t remember. I remember my first text to her


Omg that was by mistake

You probably don’t even remember me.”

I was that lame. I forgot our conversation, but it was basically me being mean and she was the kindest. She wanted to change me and slowly she did. Time flew, and I mean it.

Just once in my life I was sweet to her. Till date I remember she used to walk by my classroom just look at me, back and forth she kept going.

She was happy just to see my face and I never bothered to even glance at her. I was basically an a**hole.

She kept showing her kindness and always forgave me because she believed something in me which I dint know existed.

I never understood why she laid her eyes on me nor do I understand why she fell in love with me. All I knew is that she loved me more than anyone and I fell in love with her.

We tried to talk in school but only the last hour we could meet, I could not stop pulling her cheeks. We sneaked around school and meet.

Plus, I dint have a phone and rarely used any social media.

After a few days I had my first kiss in most un-romantic place behind a car in front of a stranger’s house to top things off there were ants around.

First thing she said was is that really your first kiss. I died laughing, told nope and I lied to her made up some girl.

During my annual day we meet and while we were making out we got caught by someone, so we had to run. It was Christmas somehow, I ended up playing truth or dare with her.

Her soft lips on my cheeks I was the happiest person and the whole day I spent with her. We also knew that I had to leave the school and meeting her after this would be nearly impossible.

Then the thought occurred to me I must ask her out, but I sucked at being romantic.

So we meet a few days later and I did a few things to get her angry,

she was furious and then on the road I asked her out and said if you say yes right now when you hate me trust me at my best it would be perfect. She said yes.

We made so many memories until things went south.

Right now, you are thinking maybe T was not a perfect boyfriend, he was like below average and how can things get that bad right.

Maybe I forgot to mention amount drugs and alcohol was going in my body. This caused our big fight.

She used to cry and cry while telling me that it hurts her emotionally and event affects her body because she felt so bad. So, what do I? Like a perfect boyfriend I break up with her.

I was partying while she tried to get me back. My excuse was brilliant. What to do to a person when you mean life to her. Right answer leave her and act like she never existed.

Few days later I stopped drugs and controlled my alcohol intake and crawled right back to her. She forgave me and took me back and loved my like always.

Along this drama there was the fact that I would only meet her once a month or sometimes once in two months.

Me being awesome forgot how much she loved me, and I accused her of not trying enough did I have the right of course not, but I had to act entitled like I said I was a perfect boyfriend.

Still at times she used to prove that she loves me so much once she even took a compass and hurt herself to write TN love. I never bothered to acknowledge it enough.

She would even talk during exams time just make sure was fine. I slowly starting using the fact that she loves me so much against her.

I used to get bored and end up hurting for fun knowing that later she will forgive me. I used to break up with her for no reason and get back promising her that things will change.

I knew it would end up the same way but she on the other hand always said one thing that I meant the world to her and she loved me. Ta-Da told yea I am the perfect boyfriend.

After a year passed like this where I went back to only caring about myself.

I had my exams, so we did not talk for a week and she had a lot to tell but I was fed up cause my urge to meet other girls took over, so I told her the truth I only dated her cause I was bored.

That’s when I lost her completely. The story is not done cause a perfect boyfriend has to make sure he completely breaks her so what I did was I called her and got her to unblock me.

Told her that we should to be friends, but it was all plan to show off that I was doing well and getting many girls. I knew she was hurt each time I told about how my date went.

She always smiled and laughed at what I said and listened to me.

After all of this I blame her telling that she entering my life was a mistake and threw everything on her and then she broke completely.

She was dead on the inside and ignored me after a few months when she gets better and finally normal. Can you guess who wants another chance?

The perfect boyfriend he feels bad that he hurt so he tells her that. He truly felt bad for what he did but it was only cause of a guilty feeling.

He tried being nice and once when N ignored him, he got angry and pissed off once again blamed her for not trying enough.

From that day N never talked to me. She hates me somehow I managed to make the girl who thought I was her world hate me and killed her emotionally.

She hates me so f***ing much she never wants to hear from me again. I mean nothing to her anymore. I finally did what I always did ruined her life.

Her last words to me were

“I hope you sleep damm f***ing well knowing you killed one more person

No one has ever made me as sad as you have made you

I never really thought I’d ever be here”

Can you believe that during all of this I was drinking and hooking with girls and acted she was never a part of my life and that I told myself I did nothing wrong and everything would

be alright in the future. Like I told at the start I don’t know why I am writing this. I tell myself that I don’t miss her at all.

I tell myself that it is so much better now that she is gone forever. I sure as hell don’t want N back cause now I know that the same thing is going to happen again.

I wish I had an answer I really wish. These were most of main events that occurred at least what I remember cause most of my memories are gone due to my excessive drinking.

If I was not a perfect boyfriend, then who would be? I was simply the best.

Took care of her like dirt and treated her life trash and folded her like a piece of paper and bent her to my liking and what not.

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