God is here for us.
God is here for us. stories
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ligit_poemsim only 11 but very talented, i wanna sh
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God is here for you always.

God is here for us.

People do regretful things everyday

to the north to the east to the south to the west, there's always some trouble, never less.

people die everyday of drugs

You may be afraid to die, but little do u know god is by your side there for you.

watching you, backing you up, telling you whats good and whats bad

Doing bad things get you no where, who wants to listen to an 11 year old like me?

Trust me i know. there are almost times when i got killed or commit'ed suicide cause every body seemed to be turning there back on me.

just last week i almost got jumped for no reason, but god was by my side he said just walk away...

And so i did, you know why?

Because i am a child of god.

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