Rhymes to Myself
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lightforever Desperately looking for myself
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We're not always happy

Rhymes to Myself

Disappointment knows my name

Disappointment, it will always be the same

I look for happiness around these four walls

Ironic, since that’s what’s restricts me from them all

Ungrateful, they would address me

Ungrateful I would call me

Why would you be sad?

Look at those who never had

Comfort and family by your side

You basically had a free ride

Thoughts like these have commenced war in my head

I can no longer find the words to be said

Maybe this is right and that is wrong

And that is right and this wrong

But I cannot deny how I feel

I seem like them on the reel

A confused protagonist wandering for purpose

Around her four walls expecting for justice

to her dreams and desires that never maybe fulfilled

as she could never work for them, motivation she kills it

Disappointment I would find within myself

Disappointment, she couldn’t fend off by herself

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